Make Your Plan, Make an Impact

When it comes to publishing online, existing software is complicated or outdated. Tangerine software helps you create plans that people will use.

Tangerine features

Moder Design

Modern design, and
easy-to use interface


Search large documents
like never before

works on smart phones

Works on smart phones
and tablets

Publish any planning document simultaneously in print and on the Web.

General plans | Comprehensive plans | Specific plans | Zoning codes | Parks and Rec plans


Organizations Using Tangerine


Organizations across the country use Tangerine to make an impact.

Are you Concerned?

  • That your plan will collect dust on a shelf or sit unused as a PDF?
  • You don’t have the technical experience to publish on the Web?
  • Your investment in a fabulous printed document won’t translate to the Web?
Lead your community into the future with compelling and useful online plans.

As Seen In

American Planning Association Technology Division 2017 Smart Cities Award

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APA Zoning Practice

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